Didymocyrtis ramalinae Phaeosphaeriaceae
Didymocyrtis ramalinae (anamorph)

Growth type lichenicolous. Photographs on Ramalina fastigiata

On thalli and apothecia of Ramalina species, most often on R. fastigiata

Causes necrosis of the affected areas and both the teleomorph and the anamorph occur. Conidia are hyaline, 5-7 3-4 m, ellipsoid and with a small guttule at each end. Micrograph showing conidia below.

The teleomorph has immersed black perithecia with paler ostioles. Asci are 8-spored, spores dark brown, usually 3-septate, (13-)14-20 5-7 m

Similar: Abrothallus suecicus, hyaline, obpyriform conidia, 3-6) x 2-4) m

Didymocyrtis ramalinae

Didymocyrtis ramalinae

Micrograph showing conidia
Didymocyrtis ramalinae
Didymocyrtis ramalinae
Kingston Lacy, Dorset. February 2020

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