Ramalina fastigiata Ramalinaceae

Ramalina fastigiata

Growth type fruticose.
Chemical results: Negative
Common and widespread on well-lit, nutrient-rich bark.

The tufted, erect, grey-green thallus has many wrinkled and often +/- swollen lobes. Usually very fertile with creamy-white apical apothecia. Spores colourless, 1-septate, 12-15 x 5-7 Ám. Micrograph below.

Sometimes host to Didymocyrtis ramalinae, Lichenoconium usneae and Tremella tuckerae

Similar: Ramalina canariensis

Ramalina fastigiata

Ramalina fastigiata
Ramalina fastigiata
March 2012, February 2020

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