Caloplaca flavocitrina Teloschistaceae
Flavoplaca flavocitrina (Caloplaca flavocitrina)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results: K+ crimson

Common on cement, mortar, calcareous rocks and asbestos and also found on basic-barked trees.

Thallus of contiguous or dispersed greenish-yellow areoles or small squamules, the margins splitting and forming soralia that can eventually cover the thallus. Soredia lemon-yellow and paler than thallus. Apothecia infrequent, slightly darker yellow than thallus. Micrograph below.

One of the species in the Flavoplaca citrina aggregate.

Caloplaca flavocitrina

Caloplaca flavocitrina

Microscope photograph
Caloplaca flavocitrina
Caloplaca flavocitrina
Steeple and Lytchett Minster, Dorset. February 2014, December 2016

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