Caloplaca citrina sens lat Teloschistaceae
Flavoplaca citrina agg. (Caloplaca 'citrina')

Chemical results: K+ crimson
Widespread on calcareous and nutrient-rich substrates.

Recent work has shown that 'true' Caloplaca citrina does not occur in Britain and Ireland, the name having been wrongly applied to what is now known to be a complex of species:
Caloplaca austrocitrina,
Caloplaca dichroa,
Caloplaca arcis, minutely lobate at margins, blastidia present.
Caloplaca limonia,
C. flavocitrina, edges of areoles sorediate, apothecia margins smooth.

Caloplaca citrina sens lat

Caloplaca citrina sens lat
Caloplaca citrina sens lat
Dorset. January and March 2014

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