Arthonia apotheciorum Arthoniaceae
Arthonia apotheciorum #

Lichenicolous fungus
Chemical results negative. Epithecium K+ olive

Can be common in the apothecia of Lecanora albescens and other members of the Lecanora dispersa group.
BLS conservation evaluation: LC NS

Black apothecia develop in the hymenium of the host lichen.
Spores 1-septate, 9-15 x 3-5 Ám. Paraphysoids 1.5-2 Ám wide, the apices with dark pigmented caps. Microscope photograph below.

Similar: Arthonia varians. Spores (1-)2-3 septate, on Lecanora rupicola

Arthonia apotheciorum

Arthonia apotheciorum

Microscope photograph
Arthonia apotheciorum, spores
Arthonia apotheciorum
On Lecanora albescens. Studland, Church Knowle and Pamphill, Dorset. October 2012, March 2014, March 2020

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