Lecanora dispersa Lecanoraceae
Myriolecis dispersa (Lecanora dispersa)

Growth type crustose
Chemical reactions negative. Epithecial granules insoluble in K

Common in both urban and rural areas on a wide range of nutrient-rich basic substrates. Pollution-resistant.

Light-grey or whitish, thin or evanescent thallus with small apothecia. Discs pale green-grey to dark-brown, sometimes white-pruinose. Entire margins, flexuose or slightly crenulate. Spores simple, (7-)8.5-14 x (3-)4-7 Ám.

Similar: Lecanora crenulata; apothecia margins regularly crenate.
Lecanora semipallida; epithecial granules dissoving in K

Lecanora dispersa

Lecanora dispersa
Lecanora dispersa
Wool and Broadstone, Dorset. 2012 and 2014

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