Lecanora conizaeoides Lecanoraceae
Lecanora conizaeoides

Growth type crustose
Chemical results: K+/- weak yellow, C-, P+ orange > red, UV+ dull orange

Previously abundant in areas with S02 pollution, range decreasing as air becomes cleaner. Now mainly found on wooden fences, pine twigs, trunks of old birches and on Calluna stems.

Thick granular-sorediate, greyish-green thallus, the small buff-brown or green-brown apothecia with sorediate margins. Spores 8-14 x 5-8 Ám. Conidia thread-like or curved, 12-22 x 0.5-1 Ám. Micro photos below.
Host to Athelia arachnoidea, Lichenoconium lecanorae and L. erodens.

Similar: Lecanora confusa and Lecanora varia

Lecanora conizaeoides

Lecanora conizaeoides

Lecanora conizaeoides

Microscope photographs
Lecanora conizaeoides, spores

Lecanora conizaeoides, conidia
Lecanora conizaeoides
On fence post and seat. Kimmeridge, Dorset. January 2013 and March 2014

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