Lecanora varia Lecanoraceae
Lecanora varia

Growth type crustose
Chemistry: K- or K+ pale yellow, C-, usually P+ yellow, UV+ dull orange

Can be locally frequent on wood and timber, rare on bark.
Often found with Lecanora symmicta (photographs below).

Thallus of rounded yellowish-grey to dark grey-green granules which can form a thickened, areolate crust. Apothecia can be scattered or clustered, the discs pale pink-brown to greenish-brown.
The apothecia are sometimes host to the lichenicolous Ramboldia insidiosa.

Similar: Lecanora conizaeoides. Soredia present, P+ orange

Lecanora varia

Lecanora varia
Lecanora varia
On wood. Studland Heath and Upton, Dorset. June 2015, December 2016

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