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A-Z Bryophytes: Liverworts

Index is alphabetical by the scientific name but only lists species included in the website.
Clicking on the link opens a species page with details and photographs. Index updated 07.11.2021

  Thalloid Metzgeriales Aneura pinguis Greasewort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Calypogeia arguta Notched Pouchwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Calypogeia fissa Common Pouchwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Calypogeia muelleriana Mueller's Pouchwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Cephalozia bicuspidata Two-horned Pincerwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Cephalozia curvifolia Rustwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Cephaloziella divaricata Common Threadwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Cephaloziella sp. (Studland)
  Leafy Jungermanniales Cephaloziella sp. (Pamphill)
  Leafy Jungermanniales Cladopodiella fluitans Bog Notchwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Cololejeunea minutissima Minute Pouncewort
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Conocephalum conicum Great Scented Liverwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Frullania dilatata Dilated Scalewort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Frullania tamarisci Tamarisk Scalewort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Kurzia pauciflora Bristly Fingerwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Lophocolea bidentata Bifid Crestwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Lophocolea heterophylla Variable-leaved Crestwort
  Thalloid Marchantiales Lunularia cruciata Crescent-cup Liverwort
  Thalloid Marchantiales Marchantia polymorpha
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Metzgeria consanguinea Whiskered Veilwort
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Metzgeria furcata Forked veilwort
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Metzgeria violacea Bluish Veilwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Microlejeunea ulicina Fairy Beads
  Leafy Jungermanniales Myriocoleopsis minutissima Minute Pouncewort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Nowellia curvifolia Rustwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Odontoschisma fluitans Bog Notchwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Odontoschisma sphagni Bog-moss Flapwort
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Pellia endiviifolia Endive Pellia
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Pellia epiphylla Overleaf Pellia
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Pellia neesiana Nees' Pellia
  Leafy Jungermanniales Plagiochila asplenioides Greater Featherwort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Porella platyphylla Wall Scalewort
  Leafy Jungermanniales Radula complanata Even Scalewort
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Riccardia multifida Delicate Germanderwort
  Thalloid Metzgeriales Riccardia sp.
  Thalloid Marchantiales Riccia glauca Glaucous Crystalwort

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