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Bryophytes in different habitats

Arable fields Badbury Rings, chalk grassland, soil and pebbles Bogs, mires and wet heaths Pavements, roads and drives Stream banks Trees and bushes Rotten logs and tree stumps

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Churches and churchyards
Corfe Mullen, St Huberts Lytchett Heath, St Aldhelms Lytchett Matravers, St Mary the Virgin Pamphill, St Stevens

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Other sites
Abbotsbury gardens Compton Acres, Poole Corfe Mullen Meadows, Dorset Pamphill woods Upton Country Park, Dorset

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AZ Moss   AZ Liverwort   Thumbnail images: Acrocarpous mosses   Pleurocarpous mosses   Sphagnum   Liverwort   Habitats   New

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