Lichenostigma maureri Phaeococcomycetaceae
Lichenostigma maureri # (anamorph)

Lichenicolous. Anamorph previously known as Phaeosporobolus usneae.
Photographs on Fuscidea lightfootii, Lecidella elaeochroma and Pertusaria leioplaca. Identified by Paul Diederich

A plurivorous species (or possibly an aggregate of species) with records from crustose, foliose and fruticose lichens.

The black, superficial, scattered or loosely aggregated conidial stromata are initially adpressed before becoming convex and restricted at the base. Dark superficial hyphal strands absent. Conidia multicellular, 14-23 x 10-16 Ám with 10-21 cells visible in optical view. Micrographs of conidia below.

Similar: Lichenostigma alpinum and Lichenostigma chlaroterae

Lichenostigma maureri

Lichenostigma maureri

Lichenostigma maureri

Lichenostigma maureri
Lichenostigma maureri (anamorph)
Photographs: Broadstone, Dorset. January 2024

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