Bacidia chloroticula Ramalinaceae
Bacidina chloroticula (Bacidia chloroticula)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results negative, epithecium colourless, K-

A pioneer species on a wide range of substrates including bricks, stones, tree trunks, wooden fences, dead grass, ironwork and tarmac.

Forms small, easily missed patches of thin, scurfy, greyish-green thallus with tiny, often crowded apothecia. The discs are whitish or pinkish-brown with persistent margins. Spores acicular, 0-3 septate, 21-38 x 1-1.8 Ám. White, immersed pycnidia, the curved conidia 30-43 x 0.5-1 Ám. Micrograph below.

Bacidia chloroticula

Microscope photograph
Bacidia chloroticula
Bacidia chloroticula
Broadstone, Dorset. February 2016

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