Paranectria oropensis Bionectriaceae
Paranectria oropensis #

Lichenicolous fungus. Photographs on Physcia tenella

Occurs on a wide range of corticolous foliose, leprose or crustose lichens, particularly frequent in GB&I on some Lepraria spp

Thin felt of whitish hyphae develops followed by small globose, orange perithecia (only visible for a few days). Asci 8-spored, spores hyaline, muriform, 25-36 x 11-14 Ám, the apices attenuated. Micrograph below

Similar: Erythricium aurantiacum (Marchandiomyces aurantiacus) can appear similar

Paranectria oropensis

Microscope photograph
Paranectria oropensis
Paranectria oropensis
Kingston Lacey, Dorset. December 2015

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