Syzygospora bachmannii Basidiomycota.
Zyzygomyces bachmannii #
(Heterocephalacria bachmannii, Syzygospora bachmannii)

Lichenicolous fungus. Photographs on Cladonia grayi agg.

Parasitic on the podetia of Cladonia species. It is most frequently found on Cladonia furcata, C. gracilis and C. rangiformis.

A basidiomycete producing pale pinkish-brown, red-brown or dark brown gall-like basidiomata on the host podetia, causing a characteristic bending. Basidia usually contain four spores, basidiospores ellipsoid to ovoid or almost lemon-shaped, 7-9 x 4.5-6 Ám Microscope photograph below.

Similar: Tremella cladoniae.Transversely 1-septate basidia, wider basidiospores and parasitic on the basal squamules of Cladonia species

Syzygospora bachmannii

Syzygospora bachmannii

Microscope photograph
Syzygospora bachmannii
Syzygospora bachmannii
Studland Heath, Dorset. December 2014

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