Cladonia glauca Cladoniaceae
Cladonia glauca

Identification needs confirming
Chemical results: Negative. Medulla UV+ vivid white

Widespread but local on peaty heathland and on rotting tree stumps.

Basal squamules inconspicuous or absent. The pale greyish podetia are slender, usually (but not always) unbranched and taper to a pointed apices. A single, inconspicuous longitudinal slit is usually present. Podetia squamulose below, finely sorediate above. Apothecia rare, pycnidia frequent.

Similar: Cladonia subulata, Pd+ red, UV-, antler-like branching, usually lacks longitudinal slit

Cladonia glauca
Cladonia glauca
Studland Heath, Dorset. December 2014

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