Fellhaneropsis vezdae Pilocarpaceae
Fellhaneropsis vezdae

Specimen left identified by Brian Coppins
Chemical results negative

Usually on shaded bark, also found on conifer needles and over-growing bryophytes and lichens. Occasional on mossy, coastal rocks.

Spores 3-(5-7) septate, 30-35 x 3-4.5 Ám. Pycnidia usually abundant, conidia curved, (20-)30-43 x 0.5-1 Ám. Microscope photographs of spores and conidia below.

Similar: Fellhaneropsis myrtillicola

Fellhaneropsis vezdae

Microscope photographs
Fellhaneropsis vezdae, spores

Fellhaneropsis vezdae, conidia
Fellhaneropsis vezdae
On Parker pen and Calluna stems, Studland Heath, Dorset. June and October 2014

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