Bacidia bagliettoana Ramalinaceae
Toniniopsis bagliettoana (Bacidia bagliettoana)

Growth type crustose
Chemistry and UV-. Hypothecium dark-red, K+ intensifying red

Occurs over plant debris and mosses on calcareous rocks and old walls and directly on the ground in dunes and calcareous grassland

Granular whitish or pale grey-green thallus, the initially flat black apothecia becoming convex with age. Spores 3-7 septate, 25-45 x 2-2.5(-3) Ám. Hypothecium red-brown, epithecium green. Micro photo below.

Similar: Bacidia herbarum. Red-brown apothecia, spores 36-60 x 2-2.5 Ám. Hypothecium K-, pale orange-brown. Bilimbia sabuletorum has paler discs and wider spores (5-8 Ám wide)

Bacidia bagliettoana

Microscope photograph
Bacidia bagliettoana
Bacidia bagliettoana
Brands Bay, Studland, Dorset. January 2014

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