Arthonia molendoi Arthoniaceae
Q Arthonia molendoi #

Lichenicolous, photographs on Xanthoria parietina
N.B Images are probably of the very similar Arthonia parietinaria

Arthonia molendoi details:
Scattered distribution, occurs on Caloplaca and Xanthoria species.

Groups of 1-5 convex black apothecia (0.1-0.3mm), epithecium black, hypothecium hyaline or straw-coloured. Asci 4-8 spored, spores 1-septate, constricted at septum, cells unequal, 8-11 x 4-6 Ám. Micrograph below.

Similar: A. epiphyscia is occasional on Physcia adscendens and P. dubia. Arthonia phaeophysciae occurs on Phaeophyscia spp.

Arthonia molendoi

Microscope photograph
Arthonia molendoi
Arthonia molendoi
On Xanthoria parietina. Shell Bay, Dorset. December 2013

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