Lecanora salina Lecanoraceae
Lecanora salina

Growth type crustose
Chemical results negative

Very rare, found on siliceous pebbles on coastal shingle

Thallus of rounded, dispersed granules, whitish-grey to yellow-grey. Apothecia sessile, discs sometimes slightly pruinose, pale brown, red-brown or yellow-grey. Margins crenulate or +/- flexuose. Medulla lacks crystals.
Sometimes host to the lichenicolous Lichenodiplis lecanorae

Member of the Lecanora dispersa group.
Lecanora albescens has larger apothecia, discs pruinose when mature

Lecanora salina

Lecanora salina
Lecanora salina
Wessex Lichen Group meeting, Warren Shore, North Solent NNR, Hampshire. November 2013

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