Cladonia cryptochlorophae Cladoniaceae
Cladonia cryptochlorophae

Identification by Neil Sanderson
Chemical results: K+ yellow-red, C+/- yellow, KC + purple-red (brief),
P+ orange-red, UV+ pale yellow

Found on acidic heathland

Scyphi gradully tapering to stalk with areas of medulla showing through the soredia. Often proliferating from margins. Apothecia and pycnidia brown, the apothecia stalked or sessile.
One of a number of chemotypes within the C. chlorophaea aggregate

All chemotypes apart from Cladonia chlorophaea s. str are very similar and are sometimes treated as Cladonia grayii

Cladonia cryptochlorophae

Cladonia cryptochlorophae
Cladonia cryptochlorophae
Holton Lee, Dorset. October and December 2012

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