Cladonia chlorophaea Cladoniaceae
Cladonia chlorophaea agg.

An aggregate of chemotypes, sometimes recognised at species level

Green-grey primary thallus with broad, erect, incised squamules. Cup-like podetia widening gradually from the base, the margins often with tiny, brown pycnidia. Soredia present on the stalks and inside the cups.

The Cladonia chlorophaea aggregate includes Cladonia chlorophaea s. str, Cladonia asahinae, Cladonia cryptochlorophae, Cladonia grayi, Cladonia merochlorophaea and Cladonia novochlorophaea

Similar: Cladonia humilis

Cladonia chlorophaea agg

Cladonia chlorophaea agg.
Holton Lee, Dorset. October and December 2012

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