Bagliettoa calciseda (Verrucaria calciseda)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results negative

Frequent but probably under-recorded on calcareous rocks
BLS conservation evaluation: LC NS

Immersed white or pale-grey thallus. Perithecia immersed in pits, sometimes with tiny radiating cracks. Spores 23-27(-29) x 10-13(-15) Ám, contents sometimes dull grey-brown. Perispore absent. Micro photo below.

Similar: Bagliettoa baldensis (Verrucaria baldensis)

Bagliettoa calciseda

Bagliettoa calciseda

Microscope photograph
Bagliettoa calciseda, spores
Bagliettoa calciseda
Dancing Ledge and Portland, Dorset. February 2013 and March 2016

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