Toninia sedifolia Bacidiaceae
Thalloidima sedifolium (Toninia sedifolia)

Growth type squamulose
Chemical results: Epithecium greyish, K+ violet

Found in crevices in calcareous rocks, on calcareous soil and dunes and among short calcareous turf. BLS conservation evaluation: LC P Eng Wa

Can be very variable with +/- rounded or irregularly-lobed, olive-green to brownish squamules with dense white or bluish pruina. Large black discs are pruinose when young, the margins becoming excluded. Epithecium greyish, spores 1-septate but often contain oil globules

CORRECTION: Photographs are probably of Toninia aromatica. Epithecium green, spores 3-septate

Toninia sedifolia

Toninia sedifolia on Verrucaria macrostoma
Toninia sedifolia
Dancing Ledge, Dorset. February 2013

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