Marchandiomyces corallinus Corticiaceae
Marchandiomyces corallinus #

Lichenicolous fungus.
Widespread on various lichens including Parmelia and Physcia species

An aggressive basidiomycete forming scattered or densely massed colonies of tiny pink or coral-pink coralloid, +/- spherical sclerotia on bleached, necrotic areas of the host thallus. Conidia are infrequent, 11-15 x 7-10 Ám. Causes extensive die-back of the host lichen. Micrograph below showing the cells in the sclerotia.

Similar: M. aurantiacus, orange sclerotia on corticolous Physcia species, Illosporiopsis christiansenii, softer pink sporodichia with coiled conidia.
Laetisaria lichenicola has a smooth, shiny appearance

Marchandiomyces corallinus

Marchandiomyces corallinus

Micrograph showing the cells in the sclerotia
Marchandiomyces corallinus
Marchandiomyces corallinus
Studland, Dorset. December 2014

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