Buellia griseovirens Caliciaceae
Buellia griseovirens

Growth type crustose
K+ yellow going red (often weak), C+/- yellow, KC-, P+ yellow, UV-

Found on well-lit, +/- smooth bark and worked timber. Can tolerate moderate pollution.

Variable. Thallus +/- immersed or thick, greyish with a black prothallus sometimes present. The scattered, crowded or confluent grey-green soralia are often tinged bluish, yellow when abraded or scratched. Apothecia very rare, black discs with brownish epithecium. Spores are irregularly 3-septate to sub-muriform, 15-30 x 7-13 Ám. Microscope photograph below.

Similar: Mycoblastus fucatus and Mycoblastus caesius

Microscope photograph
Buellia griseovirens
Buellia griseovirens
On wood. Studland, Dorset. May 2013. Fertile specimen Kingston Lacy, December 2015

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