Dimerella pineti Coenogoniaceae
Coenogonium pineti (Dimerella pineti)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results negative

Easily overlooked on shaded, acidic bark of conifers and deciduous trees. Sometimes found on wood, rocks, mosses and soil.

Small pale apothecia on an often inconspicuous greenish, grey-green or blackish-green thallus. Frequent whitish pycnidia. Discs are ephemeral, usually produced in the winter and spring. Spores are colourless, 1-septate, 9-14 x 2.5-4Ám. Micro photograph below.

Similar: Dimerella lutea has larger, orange apothecia

Dimerella pineti

Dimerella pineti

Microscope photograph
Dimerella pineti
Dimerella pineti
On Calluna. Studland Heath, Dorset. June 2014

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