Micarea micrococca Micareaceae
Micarea micrococca

Growth type crustose. Identification: Vince Giavarini

Chemical results: Thallus and apothecia reactions negative.
Greenish pigment K+/- violet, C+/- violet, N+/- red

On shaded acid bark and twigs, tree stumps and fallen debris, especially in conifer plantations. Also found in coastal rock crevices on soil or debris.

Variable, often sterile. Thallus green, goniocysts scattered or dense, sometimes forming granules. Apothecia convex, whitish, grey or brown-black. Pycnidia white or greyish. Sometimes infected by non-lichenised algae. Spores 0-1 septate, 8-12 x 2.5-4 Ám. Micro photo below.

Similar: M. prasina. C-. M. peliocarpa. C+ red, spores usually 3-septate

Micarea micrococca

Microscope photograph
Micarea micrococca
Micarea micrococca
Holton Lee and Studland Heath, Dorset. March and April 2013

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