Collema auriforme Collemataceae

Lathagrium auriforme (Collema auriforme)

Growth type foliose.
Chemical results: Negative

Very common on mossy calcareous rocks and on moist, shaded, mortared walls and tombstones.

Thallus swollen and jelly-like when wet, black and shrivelled when dry. Dark green-brown, +/- erect lobes with coarse globular isidia. Apothecia rare, with isidiate margins. Spores sub-muriform, 26-36 x 8-13 Ám. Pycnidia marginal or laminal, conidia colourless. Micro photograph of pycnidia and conidia below

Similar: Collema fuscovirens and Leptogium plicatile

Collema auriforme

Collema auriforme

Collema auriforme

Microscope photograph
Collema tenax
Collema auriforme
Dorset. January 2014, December 2016

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