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Fungi - Clubs, corals, tongues and jelly-like fungi

Clicking on the images opens a species page with photographs and details - images are not to scale.

Auricularia auricula-judae, Jelly Ear Calocera cornea, Small Stagshorn Clavaria argillacea, Moor Coral Clavaria argillacea, Moor Coral Clavulina rugosa, Wrinkled Club Clavulinopsis helvola, Yellow Club Cordyceps militaris Cyphellopsis fasciculata Cyphellopsis fasciculata Exidia thuretiana, White Brain Geoglossum arenarium, Sand Earth Tongue Geoglossum arenarium, Sand Earth Tongue Ramaria stricta, Upright Coral Ramaria stricta, Upright Coral Sparassis crispa, Wood Cauliflower Sparassis crispa, Wood Cauliflower Tremella foliacea, Leafy Brain Tremella mesenterica Tremella mesenterica Typhula quisquiliaris, Bracken Club

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