Toninia verrucariae Ramalinaceae
Toninia verrucariae #

Lichenicolous fungus. Photographs on Bagliettoa baldensis

Very rare, on thalli of Bagliettoa baldensis (was Verrucaria baldensis).

Apothecia are dark brown or black (to 0.5 mm diameter) with flat or slightly convex discs and narrow rims which become excluded with age. The asci are 8-spored, the spores 1-septate, 12-20 x 4-6 m. Both the epithecium and the hypothecium are dark reddish-brown, sometimes tinged green or violet. Microscope photograph below.

Similar: Kiliasia episema (was Toninia). Parasitic on Aspicilia calcarea

Toninia verrucariae

Microscope photograph
Toninia verrucariae
Toninia verrucariae
On Verrucaria baldensis, Portland, Dorset. February 2016

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