Parmotrema reticulatum Parmeliaceae
Parmotrema reticulatum

Growth type foliose. Identification: Bryan Edwards, Vince Giavarini
Chemical results: Cortex K+ yellow.
Medulla K+ yellow > orange, C-, KC+/- red, P+ orange-red, UV-

Can be common in southern England on well-lit wayside and woodland trees, occasional on coastal rocks.

Grey-green lobes with marginal cilia, upper surface +/- covered with fine network of white hairline cracks. Lower surface dark brown to black, rhizines extending to margins. Soralia with granular soredia on lobe tips and margins. Variable.

Similar: P. pseudoreticulatum. Marginal zone of lobes without rhizines
P. perlatum. Lobes without cracks. KC+ yellow-orange, P+ yellow-orange

Parmotrema reticulatum

Parmotrema reticulatum
Parmotrema reticulatum
Holton Lee, Dorset. March 2013

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