Schismatomma niveum Roccellaceae
Snippocia nivea (Schismatomma niveum)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results: K-, C-, KC-, P+ bright orange-yellow, UV +/- orange-grey

Occurs on dry side of mature trees, usually in old, established woodlands.
BLS conservation evaluation: LC Sc IR. NIEC 'Old woodland' indicator

The pale grey or whitish thallus is often pinkish when fresh. Apothecia and pycnidia are absent but the paler or concolorous punctiform soralia become confluent and can +/- cover thallus.

Similar: Schismatomma cretaceum. White thallus, P-
Sometimes occurs with Cresponea premnea and Lecanactis abietina

Schismatomma niveum

Schismatomma niveum
Schismatomma niveum
Wessex Lichen Group meeting, New Forest, Hants. December 2012

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