Lecanora carpinea Lecanoraceae
Glaucomaria carpinea (Lecanora carpinea)

Chemical results: Thallus K+ yellow, C-, P+/- pale yellow, UV-
Discs C+ yellow or orange, UV+ pale orange.

Local on smooth-barked deciduous trees, usually on twigs, branches and young trunks.

A thin white or pale grey thallus with a white prothallus. Apothecia with pale reddish-brown or cream coloured discs covered by a thick white pruina. Epithecium pale yellow-brown, granular.

Similar: Lecanora albella. Apothecial discs C-
Lecanora confusa. Thallus K-, C+ orange

Lecanora carpinea

Lecanora carpinea

Lecanora carpinea
Lecanora carpinea
Parkstone, Studland Heathand Broadstone, Dorset. January 2013, June 2015, November 2023

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