Tremella pertusariae
Tremella pertusariae Q #

Lichenicolous basidiomycete. Photographs on Pertusaria pertusa

Most frequently parasitic on Pertusaria hymenea, occasionally occurs on Pertusaria hymenea and Pertusaria pertusa

Forms pale to dark brown or blackish galls (to 3mm diam) on the apothecia or less frequently the thallus of Pertusaria species. Basidia have transverse, oblique or longitudinal septa and most are distinctly stalked, 22-26 x 14-19Ám (without stalk). Basidiospores subsphaerical, 8.5-11.5 x 7.5-10Ám.

Identification can only be confirmed by examining the basidiospores

Pamphill, Dorset. January 2017

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