Verrucula latericola Verrucariaceae
Verrucula latericola # (Verrucaria latericola)

Lichenicolous fungus. Photographs on Caloplaca

Probably an aggregate of species. Mainly recorded from Caloplaca flavescens and C. citrina agg but also on C. flavovirescens, Lecanora albescens and Diplotomma alboatrum

Aereolate thallus grey-green, grey-brown or brown, the perithecia +/- immersed, up to 20 per areole. Ascospores ellipsoid to narrow-ellipsoid, occasionally with one concave side, (10.5-)14(-19) x (4.5-)5.8(-7.5) Ám. Pycnidia frequent, the conidia rod-shaped, 4-8 x 1 Ám

Verrucula latericola, Verrucaria latericola
Verrucula latericola (Verrucaria latericola)
Portland, Dorset. March 2016

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