Lecanora andrewii Lecanoraceae
Myriolecis andrewii (Lecanora andrewii)

Growth type crustose. BLS conservation evaluation: LC NS
Disc and inner thalline margin K- or faint yellow, C+ orange-red, KC+ red, P+ orange-red, UV+ bright orange

Rare on siliceous coastal rocks in the xeric-supralittoral zone.

Thallus inconspicuous or sparse, of white coarse, rounded, scattered granules. Apothecia large, discs pale-brown to reddish-brown, sometimes white-pruinose with thick persistent, starkly white, uneven, crenullate or contorted margins. Spores 9-12(-13) x 5-6 Ám, often guttulate.

Similar: Lecanora fugiens, light yellowish to yellow-brown thallus, apothecia margins thinner and duller

Lecanora andrewii
Myriolecis andrewii (Lecanora andrewii)
On chert, Portland, Dorset. February 2016

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