Caloplaca alociza Teloschistaceae
Pyrenodesmia alociza (Caloplaca alociza)

Growth type crustose
Chemical results: Apothecia K-, epithecium K+ mauve-lilac

Usually in unpolluted coastal areas on hard, sunny limestone rocks

Thallus immersed and inconspicuous or sometimes appearing like a thin, scurfy grey film. Black prothallus often present. Numerous blackish apothecia, sometimes with a whitish-grey pruina, are sunk in the rock and leave shallow pits. Spores 1-septate, 15-18 x 7-8 Ám, septum 1-3 Ám wide.

Similar: P. chalybeia. Thicker thallus and immersed apothecia

Caloplaca alociza

Caloplaca alociza
Caloplaca alociza
On limestone. Portland, Dorset. March 2016

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