Synalissa ramulosa Lichinaceae
Synalissa ramulosa (Synalissa symphorea)

Growth type fruticose. BLS conservation evaluation: VU
Chemical results negative

A rare Mediterranean species, usually coastal in small soil-filled crevices on damp limestone rocks.

Small spongy thallus composed of short blackish branches, swollen at their ends and sometimes covered with a bluish bloom. When present apothecia develop at the end of the branches, disc pore-like or expanded and reddish-brown. Asci 8-24 spored, spores simple, 7-10(-12) x 6-9 Ám.

Sometimes lichenicolous on other lichens in the same habitat and particularly associated with Romjularia lurida, in photographs below

Synalissa ramulosa

Synalissa ramulosa
Synalissa ramulosa
On limestone, Portland, Dorset. February 2016

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