Loxospora elatina Sarrameanaceae
Loxospora elatina

Growth type crustose
Thallus and soralia: K+ bright yellow, P+ yellow-orange, UV-

An 'Old woodland indicator' species found on shaded acid bark in damp, mature woodlands, especially on Oak and Birch.

The thin effuse thallus is whitish-grey or grey and often with a distinct white prothallus. The abundant soft convex soralia are pale yellow, yellow-grey or bluish-green and can become confluent. Apothecia are very rare, the discs reddish-brown.

Similar: Mycoblastus caesius, K-, C-, KC-, P-, UV+ white

Loxospora elatina
Loxospora elatina
Studland Heath, Dorset.

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