Lecanora antiqua Lecanoraceae
Myriolecis antiqua (Lecanora antiqua) (L. conferta)

Growth type crustose
Chemistry: K-, C+ yellow-orange, KC+ yellow-orange, P-, UV+ bright pink

Most frequent on limestone and mortared church walls but also found on the vertical surfaces of basic rocks.

Can be variable. Thallus absent, whitish or creamy-grey, thick and areolate, warted or smooth. Crowded apothecia with very pruinose cream-brown to brown discs and thick, sometimes crenulate margins.

Similar: Lecanora crenulata has pruinose apothecia but K-, C-.
L. pruinosa. Thallus C+ orange, UV +/- orange. Thalline margin UV+ orange

Lecanora antiqua

Lecanora antiqua
Lecanora antiqua
Wool, Dorset. February 2013

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