Aspicilia contorta Megasporaceae
Circinaria contorta (Aspicilia contorta)

Growth type crustose
Chemistry: Thallus negative, epithecium olive-green, K+ orange-yellow.

Very tolerant of nutrient enrichment, common and widespread on concrete, mortar and hard calcareous rocks.

Greenish-grey thallus with separate, convex areoles that later merge and become paler. Prothallus indistinct. Apothecia are immersed black discs, often covered with bluish-white pruina and usually single in centre of each areole. Asci 4-8 spored, spores 22-26 15-19 m.
Two sub-species are recognised; subsp. contorta and subsp. hoffmanniana;
photographs below

Aspicilia contorta

Aspicilia contorta spp contorta

Aspicilia contorta spp hoffmanniana
Aspicilia contorta

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