Diploschistes muscorum Thelotremataceae
Diploschistes muscorum #

Chemical results: Thallus K +/- yellow or red, C+ red, UV-

Initially parasitic on Cladonia species on the top of walls and on dunes and heaths, developing into independent thallii which may spread over nearby mosses. Most frequent on Cladonia rangiformis and Cladonia pocillum

Greyish-white warted thallus with urceolate apothecia. The black discs are +/- heavily pruinose with raised margins. Asci 4-spored, spores 5-septate becoming muriform, 25-35 x 10-15 Ám.

Similar: Diploschistes scruposus and D. caesioplumbeus

Diploschistes muscorum

Diploschistes muscorum
Diploschistes muscorum
WLG meeting, Warren Shore, North Solent NNR, Hampshire. November 2013

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