Leptogium pulvinatum Collemataceae

Scytinium pulvinatum (Leptogium pulvinatum)

Growth type foliose
Chemical results negative
Occurs among moss on basic to calcareous substrata. Distribution uncertain as previously regarded as a morph of the very similar L. gelatinosum.

The reddish-brown or dark brown thallus has small, much divided lobes with fimbriate margins, the extensions flattened, never cylindrical. Apothecia are reddish-brown. The ascus is clavate, the apical dome with a darker axial tube. Usually 8-spored, the muriform spores 22-42 x 11-17 Ám.

Similar: Leptogium lichenoides has cylindrical marginal isidia.

Leptogium pulvinatum
Leptogium pulvinatum

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