Pertusaria albescens Ochrolechiaceae
Lepra albescens var. albescens (Pertusaria albescens var. albescens)

Growth type crustose
Chemical reactions negative. Taste-test for oxalic acid negative

Common on mature, slightly shaded trees, occasionally found on rocks or over-growing mosses.

Very variable thick or thin, +/- waxy pale grey to dark green-grey thallus with an often zoned margin. The scattered or contiguous pale soralia can be disc-like or form large clumps.

Similar: P. albescens var. corallina and Pertusaria amara (KC+ violet)

Pertusaria albescens

Pertusaria albescens
Pertusaria albescens var. albescens
On Oak. Holton Lee, Dorset. April 2013

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