Lecanora expallens Lecanoraceae
Lecanora expallens

Growth type crustose
Chemistry: K+ yellow, C+ deep yellow or orange-red, P-, UV+ orange

Common on tree trunks, bark, fences and worked timber

Yellow-green to yellow-grey thallus with pale yellow, farinose soredia. Small apothecia are infrequent, pale discs with crenulate, +/- sorediate margins that become excluded. Pale grey prothallus is sometimes visible on smooth bark.

Similar: Pyrrhospora quernea K-, C+ orange (photograph of both below)
Lecanora barkmaniana K+ yellow, C-. Lecanora compallens (K-, C-)

Lecanora expallens and Pyrrhospora quernea

Lecanora expallens, fertile
Lecanora expallens
Holton Lee, Dorset. March 2013. Fertile specimen Studland Heath, April 2013

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