Caloplaca thallincola Teloschistaceae
Variospora thallincola (Caloplaca thallincola)

Growth type placodioid
Chemical results: K+ crimson

Coastal on sheltered, hard siliceous rocks, often with Verrucaria maura

The bright orange to yellow-orange thallus is areolate in the centre with long convex lobes and often forms rosettes. Scattered orange apothecia in thallus centre, asci 8-spored, spores often lemon-shaped, 10-15 x 8-12 Ám

Similar: Caloplaca flavescens. Caloplaca verruculifera is isidiate, the thallus is yellow and apothecia are rare

Caloplaca thallincola

Caloplaca thallincola
Caloplaca thallincola
Dancing Ledge, Dorset. February 2013

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