Peltigera membranacea Peltigeraceae

Peltigera membranacea

Growth type foliose.
Chemical results negative.
Occurs on lawns, damp meadows, trees, rocks and along roadsides.

Large greyish-brown lobes covered with a fine, whitish-grey tomentum. Lobes rounded, +/- bullate with vein pattern visible on upper surface and large red-brown apothecia. The lower surface has prominent white veins and +/- bottle-brush shaped rhizines. Isidia are absent. Ascus 8-spored, spores 3-5 septate, 50-73 x 3-4 Ám.

Similar: P. hymenina smoother, +/- shiny lobes and Peltigera canina

Peltigera membranacea
Peltigera membranacea

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