Wadeana dendrographa Incertae sedis
Wadeana dendrographa

Growth type crustose
Chemical results negative

Rare on rough-barked, nutrient-rich deciduous trees in the south of England and western Scotland.
BLS conservation evaluation: NT NS P Eng Sc Wa IR. NIEC indicator species

Immersed thallus with large lirellae (to 3mm +) with rounded ends and persistent glossy margins. Asci 78-85 x 12-19 Ám, 100-200 spored.

Similar: Opegrapha varia has pycnidia and lirellae with matt margins. Lirellae of the fungus Hysterium angustatum have blunt ends.

Wadeana dendrographa
Wadeana dendrographa
Wessex Lichen Group meeting, New Forest, Hants. December 2012

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