Lobaria amplissima Lobariaceae
Ricasolia amplissima (Lobaria amplissima)

Growth type foliose
Chemical results: Medulla K+/- pale yellow, C-, KC+ deep pink, P-

Trunks and main branches of Ash, Oak and Sycamore in old, usually oceanic woodlands. Rare in SW England, absent east of the New Forest.
BLS conservation evaluation: LC Sc L IR. NIEC 'Old woodland' indicator

Green wrinkled or smooth lobes (drying greyish-white), the thallus irregularly branched or forming large rosettes. Large dark blue-green to brown-black cephalodia are usually present

Lobaria amplissima

Lobaria amplissima
Lobaria amplissima
Wessex Lichen Group meeting, New Forest, Hants. December 2012

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