Chrysothrix candelaris Chrysothricaceae
Chrysothrix candelaris

Growth type leprose
Reactions variable, C-, K and KC +/- orange, P +/- orange, UV-

Found in dry, shaded crevices of Oaks and other rough-barked deciduous trees. Rare on shaded siliceous walls and rocks

Thin, leprose thallus of bright or greenish-yellow, granular soredia forming large, non-areolate patches on trunks in humid woodland. Prothallus usually conspicuous, apothecia not recorded in Britain or Ireland.

Similar: Chrysothrix flavovirens is a duller yellow-green.
Psilolechia lucida occurs in shaded rock crevices and on headstones

Chrysothrix candelaris
On Oak. Holton Lee, Dorset. December 2012

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